Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucky (you didn't see the real) rabbit's foot

On Saturday, we took the annual trip to see our old friend, Mr. E. Bunny. He was looking the same as ever and this time he had someone new to meet.
"This must be a big deal since Mommy put me in this spiffy shirt."

Is this the pose of a little girl who needs coaxing to sit on the bunny's lap again this year?
We didn't think so either, but sure enough, once she came face-to-costumed-face with him, Gannon almost sat solo.

"Is this my best angle? I could get really cozy up here."

She did it!
"Look at his big furry feet! They are so funny!"
Why yes, it is funny. Funny you didn't notice the "bunny's" black-socked ankle and the zipper holding the furry foot in place.

"This is my little brother. He wants a dinosaur and I want Mermaid Dora!"
Wait, these requests sound vaguely familiar...the Dora doll desire isn't fading fast enough and apparently Gannon has become quite passionate about dinosaurs in his 8 month lifetime.
Big sister knows best, I suppose.

"Mr. Man, you can't eat this bunny! He's not made of chocolate. Speaking of candy..."

After the quick coaxing, a promise of candy and a decent (one-sided) conversation with Mr. E. Bunny, some great photos were taken to mark this year's visit. The official photo is posted at the top right of the blog. Gannon was his happy little self and Isla fell in love with the bunny all over again. I wonder how next year's visit will go?

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