Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby and Pony Show

"Greetings, Ladies and Gents! Thanks for coming out tonight. Ya' know, I've been at this for 9 months now, and I just gotta say what a pleasure it is to see all those familiar faces out there in Blogville!"

"You remember my trusty sidekick, Longshot. Love this guy!"

"Ok, Longshot, that's enough camera time for you."

"So, I'm still up to my old tricks and I've added clapping to my talents. And these cheeks still make the ladies weak in the knees."

"Speaking of cheeks and I crawling? Ha, that's for the birds. I'm becoming a booty-scootin' baby just like my bis sis was. These hooves are like propellers." 

"Longshot! Stop gunning for a spin-off show!"

"Well, Dad's giving me the "wrap" cues, so until next month...thank you and good night. Please, tip your waiters!"

And here's the star of the show at his 9 month doctor appointment this morning. All 29 1/2" and 21 lb 10 oz of him!! Mr. Man indeed!

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