Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-tisket, a-tasket

Here are our Easter baskets!
We're ready for Mr. E. Bunny to come and fill 'em up with lots of goodies and maybe a Dora and a Dinosaur if he listened. Hopefully these yummy rabbit-geared treats will remind him: carrots, Triscuits (Isla thought these would make a good substitute since we didn't have the pretzels she said he favors), jelly beans and milk.

Gannon: "Dad, so you're sayin' when I wake up in the morning this thing is going to be filled with presents?!"

Gannon (whispering): "Hold on here...Isla, do I have to give up my suses [pacifiers] already?"
No, Mr. Man, we'll save that trauma for another holiday when you're a little older.

Note: As some of you may recall, last year at this time, it was a sad Easter Eve.

Gannon: "I'm really starting to like this holiday thing!"
Isla: "I know, it gets better every year!"


After Mr. Man went to bed, my co-baker, Isla and I donned our matching aprons and made some special Easter Rice Krispies Treats that have really become a hit with Daddy and Grampy over the past couple years.

These egg-shaped delights are dipped in chocolate and doused with sprinkles.

Chocolate = pure happiness.

Lick and repeat!

The finished product is egg-cellent! And so is my favorite helper.

Finally, she gets to sample her creation.

I'm pretty sure some of the chocolate made it into her belly!

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