Friday, October 26, 2012

Business (kept) casual

If someone would have told me that I'd start my own business with a person I briefly worked with in 2007, I wouldn't have believed them. (Not to say that working for myself wasn't on my radar at some point in my life.) Enter Mary Cantu, a stylish casual gal on top of being a superb designer and photographer. Even though Mary and I weren't around each other for very long, a definite connection was made. When I moved on to my next design position, we stayed in contact, she became the official Kapellas family photographer and we enjoyed discussing design ideas over lattes and the occasional glass of bubbly, or wine or beer. 

Finally after all the design talk about what kind of products should be on the market (and at the strong urging of our husbands to just do it!), KEPT CASUAL was born. It was a true collaborative effort over many months, building a better brand and product line than we dreamed possible. And if you haven't already figured it out, yes, the K is for Kapellas and the C for Cantu. But the name is also representative our personalities, kept and casual, and our design style, refined and relaxed.

I'd love for you to visit our site (as often as possible!) and check out the products. We'll be adding new things soon, especially as the holidays approach, and we're even working on some custom stationery options. 

And to my partner (boss? ha.) Mary, thank you for applying for and accepting that job; it was definitely meant to be. We're changing the face of paper goods, one pattern at a time! 

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