Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kapellas Karve-off 2012!

The official pumpkins of our 6th Annual event. So how did we do it??

Pumpkin? Check? Goo-removal tools? Check? A tired, teething 15-month-old? Check. 
Better hurry...

Eeeewww, the goo!

Gannon: "I don't need this scoop, I'll use my man hands!"

The super-scoopers!

All clean in there? 

Let the Karving of the skeleton begin! Saw...saw...saw!

Ok, pumpkin, you can go to bed now. No, not you Paul!

Tah-dah! Isla is quickly moving up in the ranks as master-karver in this house.

 And now on to part 2 of the kompetition...
Paul chose a 3-pumpkin difficulty level template. I think he's in over his head.

One of our favorite parts of the event is roasting and eating the seeds. A savory bowl for me and a spicy bowl for Paul. Oh, and pumpkin beer, of course. We've pretty much had every kind of pumpkin beer in our refrigerator this season. Every. Single. Kind. 

So many intricate details...

Only one broken tool later and here it is!

Just adding the finishing touches to mine. Carefully (or maybe not so much) stabbing out the eyes made the perched owl very unstable. Then, somehow, when I was out of the room and Paul was making sure the insides were clear for the candle, the owl fell off. Hmm. The Karve-off Kommittee has launched a tampering investigation into the incident.

Nothing a few toothpicks couldn't fix I suppose...
Another successful event!

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