Friday, October 26, 2012

Monarch Butterfly Festival

On a beautiful Sunday in mid-September, we headed southwest to scenic Lake Katherine in Palos Heights for the annual Butterfly Festival. This day was made for a girl like Isla; butterflies and festivals are two of her favorites! 
Our beautiful butterfly anxiously awaiting entrance into the butterfly tent.

Who are these handsome dudes?

The tent was full of amazing monarch butterflies that fluttered around us and "posed" on the plush flower garden. 

And this one decided to land on my hand. Yes, it picked me, the one who is absolutely terrified of all insects, out of all the other people in the tent. I decided I could tolerate this harmless creature for the sake of Isla and Gannon, but only for enough time to get a few good shots of it.

Gannon to the rescue! That butterfly was nearly swatted down by Gannon's not-so-delicate man hands trying to touch those wings.

I think those butterflies are better off at a safe distance from Handsy McGee. He's got them in his sites though...

Just two (incredibly happy and adorable) kids sitting on a tree stump.

There is a small but beautiful waterfall on the grounds of Lake Katherine. Isla and Gannon took a moment to reflect on the morning.

Picture perfect little family.

Thank you Gammo and Grampy for taking us to the festival!

Never one to miss a great photo-op.

Before we headed out, we stopped to make a sand butterfly to commemorate the day. It was the most colorful butterfly there!

All the festival activities made us hungry, so Gammo and Grampy treated us to lunch. And after lunch Grampy had a very special surprise for Isla.
Her very own tricycle! But this wasn't just any old tricycle. Actually, it is very old, circa 1980, when I rode it as a 3-year-old! Grampy restored it to its original beauty, a sparkly purple frame with gleaming white rims.

Taking it for a test ride.

A big thank you squeeze! All of my Dad's hard work made both of  his little girls very happy. 

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