Friday, October 26, 2012

Get up, Stand up

When we last left you, Isla and Gannon were enjoying the highlight of the Cubs season, a visit to the Cubs Trolley. After that, Gannon decided he was not going to sit by and take the heartbreak of all those losses. Nope, he was going to stand up and make his voice heard!!
At just over 13 months, Gannon was pulling up to stand using anything and everything he could. 

He also learned to love the camera. Instead of a smile, I got a little boy trying to say cheese (although it sounds more like "EEEEEEE!") and a big sister trying to hold her smile through hysterical laughter.  

Isla is such a supportive sister, encouraging Gannon with every milestone.

Now there's the smiles I was looking for, even through more laughter!

And of course Gannon still loves to eat. And he loves to show us how he chews his "app" or apple, as it's known to everyone else.

Say Cheese and Apples! 

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