Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Par-TAY!

AHOY! A pirate ship docked at Isla's school yesterday and dropped her and her parrot off for a fantastic Halloween celebration.

The Pirate is very good friends with a pretty little fairy named Giada. They've become fast friends.

Here is the rest of the class "in character". So many princesses and superheroes!

Snack time! Where's my booty? Arggg!

Dorothy (Ms. Heidi) handed out one of Isla's favorite treasures...cupcakes!

"We should have cupcakes at every snack time, right Giada?"

Time to perform a spooky song all about black bats. Watching these little ones sing, flap their bat wings and make scary faces was my highlight of the party. Cute overload!

The cutest girlies in the class by far!

Ms. Heidi just couldn't get enough of this swashbuckling duo!

Even Ms. Lois Mouse wanted to sneak onto the pirate ship!

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