Saturday, December 22, 2012

November to Remember

November came and went in a flash, but not before we could mark a few exciting moments to be very thankful for. Here's a recap:

15 months already?

Gannon had a date with Dr. Benuck on 11/1 for his 15 month check-up. And he really was this excited to see him! (And that's why Dr. Benuck never administers the shots...)
Gannon held a great conversation with the doctor, discussing his favorite topics (words): truck, ball, DaDa, apple, toes, more about Dada and dog.

Surprisingly, he didn't gain much weight, up 10 oz to 25 lb, 14 oz and only grew 1/2" from 3 months ago. He's still a big man though and doctor was proud to hear he was on the verge of walking! Woohoo, milestones!

Welcome to 35!

Later in the day it was time to celebrate another milestone, Paul's birthday!

We headed out to an old favorite for some food, Cullen's Bar & Grill in Lakeview.
"Hey Dad, I think a sip of that beer will help all my sore spots from my shots earlier today." 
Nice try, buddy. Oh, and nice shirt.

Hope you enjoy these presents, pk. Ha!

Oh, how we love cake in this family!

So Thankful! 

Thumbs up, indeed, to this perfect turkey Isla prepared all by herself!

I no longer need to convince Mr. Man of the divine delicious-ness of mashed potatoes. Gobble gobble! But I'm not sure all that ketchup was necessary for your turkey, sir.

We closed out Thanksgiving with a super fun visit with Isla's "girls", Jori, Kelsey and Lindsay. Isla danced and sang into the wee hours that night, just like a freshman and junior in college would. 
 If you smile pretty, you make the Polish maid very happy. Right, J?


Oh, Christmas Tree!

The sooner we get this tree up, the sooner there's presents underneath it, right Mom?!

 Tree hugger!

Gannon put this "ball" (as he calls it) on the tree. I'm hoping he learns it's a stationary ball that never moves until it's time to put it away. 

Isla took charge of getting the rest of the ornaments up. Safe to say we have the middle section covered. Very well covered. 

The 2012 Kapellas family Christmas tree! It gets more beautiful every year. 

Crocodile Rock, Part 2

Just another typical morning...

Anybody remember this? (July of 2009!)

Walk This Way

He scoots, he crawls and he walks! Then, he goes right back to scooting. Well, it's a work in progress but he can do it, when he wants to.

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