Monday, December 31, 2012

A Kapellas Family Khristmas

If you're a man in the Kapellas family, you have to wear black-rimmed glasses. Right, Daddy, Uncle Michael and Uncle Nick?
 Another day, another dump truck!

And let's add another princess to the mix while we're at it! Glowing Cinderella will fit right in.

Welcome to the jungle. He's got fun and games.

Time for Dad to get reacquainted with an Old (Forester) friend. 

Tea for two and Gammo too!

CinderIsla is going to have a lot of princess hauling to do with that carriage.

I "saw" daddy building this instead of Santa Claus the other night. Ha!

The best presents usually don't fit under the tree...

 just ask Gammo and Grampy,

and YiaYia and Poppy!

Dugan can always make his Poppy laugh.

And who knew grandmas were so good at indoor basketball?!

My most favorite Kapellas Khristmas to date. I always hoped one day that all of the grandparents would join us to celebrate this fun family day. I guess this was my other wish that came true!

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