Sunday, December 23, 2012

Light Brite

It's officially winter and Christmas is just around the corner, so it must be time for ZOO LIGHTS!

We got together with the boys for a pre-lights celebration with plenty of gift-giving and pizza-eating.

Even the big kids got in on the gift giving. 
(Who let that guy in the Wildcats sweatshirt in? HA!)

The entrance to Zoo Lights, as beautiful as ever on this brisk night.

It quickly became a contest of who would get colder first. 

Gannon (singing): "What do I care, I've got my sus to keep me warm..."

I think this light dragon should start shooting real fire. It would be a great warmup at the mid-way point of the zoo. 

 Cool dudes

The coolest dude. Keaton knows the real way to view the lights: seated with a cozy blanket and the special effect glasses.

Here are our monkeys posing in front of their distant (and sleeping) chimpanzee relatives.

There's always one crazy monkey in the bunch who just doesn't want to stay still for the pictures!

Don't get me wrong, this octopus ice sculpture is amazing, but would it hurt to carve an ape or lion? We're in the zoo, afterall.

The gang's all here with full lighting effects. Maybe we were just shivering too much for the camera to focus. Can't wait to come back when it's about 50 degrees warmer!

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