Saturday, December 22, 2012

You better watch out, (please!) Gannon don't cry...

But we have our doubts
And I'll tell you why

Santa Claus is coming to town! And due to the recent development of Gannon's stranger fear/shyness, he may not be so cooperative on Santa's lap this year. But, we believe in Christmas miracles. ;)

Cute clothes, cool hair and contagious smiles...we're all set to go see Santa!

Anxiously awaiting (in a very short line, yay!) their moment with the big guy...

"He's ready for me? Do you think he'll remember me from last year? I mean, I have more hair now. Still working on a beard like his though... uhh, ok, here we go!"

"Ho, Ho, Hello, there Isla!"
Isla: "SANTAAAAA!!!"
Good thing Santa was already sitting down to catch our darling little running and screaming ball of excitement!

And after a small squirm and a nervous grin, somebody feels right at home...
Isla (through her smile): "Ok, snap the picture, lady, so Santa and I can talk business."
Gannon (in his own language): "Tr-uckk. Tr-uckk. Kep-pch. Kep-pch."
Paul was nearby to translate "truck" and "ketchup" for Santa. Top two requests. Every. Day.

Gannon (thinking): I'm a simple man of few requests. Santa's got me covered. But, I don't know how much longer we can sit here listening to HER wish list...princesses, princesses, ALL of the princesses. Got it!!

Another successful Santa visit in the books, and two cute and cuddly little dogs to add to the collection of treasures from the big man himself.

So very merry!
(even though someone's finger covered half of the camera flash. oops.)

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