Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Cincinnati" is Greek for Murphy

In mid-June, we continued our "Summer of Road Trips"* and headed southeast to Cincinnati, home of the ever-expanding Murphy family! 
(*so far we've only been on two trips and I'm not sure how many more, if any, there will be before summer's end. But it sounds fun, doesn't it?)

Another beautiful day escorted us out of our fair city, 
through the Crossroads of America,
 and right to the place where there is so much to discover...OHIO!

The last time Gannon was here, he was still in my belly, so he was ready to check out what he'd been missing... 
We all know that Adeline is a super big sister to Estelle, but how would she handle a baby brother if that's what's delivered by Alicia come August (or sooner!)? 

Judging by Gannon's great affection for sweet Adeline and her natural child-rearing ability, I think she's a pro no matter what the new addition is!

Here is the ice-cream caravan with bellies full of delicious cream from the local Walker Bros. Ice Cream shop. So refreshing on this hot summer day!

Why not keep the cool feeling with a dip or scuba dive in the pool?

This was Mr. Man's first official swim of the season (and his life).
"Hmm...I'm still working on my breast stroke, so I'll just have to scoot on over to the other side and join those bathing beauties."

Team USA 2024?

A splish-splashing, water-blasting pool party!

Speaking of parties, time for a spot of afternoon tea.

Adeline was the hostess with the mostess, serving only the finest to her honored guest.

My favorite moment of the trip. We'd love to see a recreation of this someday. 

Almost time to head home, but first let's start our last day off with some PANCAKES!

These girlies were nearly inseparable. You'd never know there are just over 300 miles between them.

Don't you just want to squeeze her? Paul's birthday buddy is somethin' else!

One last activity was painting rocks for the rock garden. Very serious little Picassos...

Just kidding! So silly!

And here she is, my brave, dear friend Alicia, about to be outnumbered by children. We know she and Justin are more than ready and able to handle this new adventure into babyland. Judging by their past unbelievable birth stories, I don't know if we're more excited for #3's actual arrival or his/her arrival story! 

Thank you all for hosting the Kapelli's for this super fun and relaxing weekend. We heart you!

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