Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Rib Day, Daddy!

(We now return you to our regularly scheduled updates.)

It's that time of year again...I think it's Paul's favorite day of the year. Or is that his birthday? My birthday? Ha. Opening day of baseball? Anyway, where were we? 

On the Saturday night before Father's Day, it is our little family tradition to take Daddy out for a good rib eatin' treat at Fat Willy's.

"So, can I finally have those ribs you keep pretending I eat because I'm such a big man, have so many teeth, blah, blah, blah?!"

These rib-eaters are ready to get sauced. With barbeque sauce, people, come on! 

Nice rack.

Hey, pk, you got a little something right here. And on your sleeve. And down the front of you. Should've borrowed Gannon's bib I suppose.

Fat (Willy's) and Happy!!

Oh, how I love this man! He's an amazing husband and father, and my very best friend. 

He even baked delicious cinnamon bread for us to start off a sweet Father's Day morning – with the help of his lovely little assistant, of course.

Dad of the Year, every year! 

Later, we visited another great Dad and enjoyed what is quickly becoming Gannon's favorite pastime...gnawing beer bottles and cans.

Happy Father's Day to the great man responsible for creating these two awesome kiddos!

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