Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Special visits and Special guests

Continuing the fun of July, we had a special visit from Isla's buddy Jacob and my beautifully-pregnant buddy, Maryann!

Since they moved to Valparaiso, we don't see them nearly often enough, but when we do, it's just like old times. 
A happy, relaxing little tea party was the first order of business.

"Playing house" was taken to a new level in this little kitchen. And you can kind of see the belly (far right) holding one of the next additions to our group of friends!

"All this play food is making me hungry!" We know it, Mr. Man!

Thank you, Jacob and Maryann (and the baby belly!) for spending the day with us. So much fun!


And what can be more fun than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating your Gammo's big day!
Isla treated her "special guest" to a lovely dinner and then...
Mmm, fudgicals! Also known as fudgesicles. You can see how much Isla enjoyed hers.

Happy Birthday, Gammo! 
Gannon: "Wait, did you say Gammo or Gannon? I know my big day is almost here!! Bring on the fudgicals!"

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