Friday, July 20, 2012

Summa, Summa, Summatime

Isla asks me almost every day if it's still "summatime" (summertime). Yes, my lady, it sure is! And we're taking full advantage of all summer has to offer, especially since last year during this time I was on stuck on the couch keeping my legs crossed for 5 weeks. 

Bright and early on the 4th of July, we got these bums out of bed and headed TO THE BEACH!

Beach babes!

Isla: "Let's build the biggest princess sand castle, ever!"
Gannon: "Let's dig to Florida!"

Off to work they go!

Not making much progress on either project...

"All this digging is making me hungry..."

"This is not the kind of sand-wich I had in mind." 

"Alright, buddy. You use that shovel, I'll fill the bucket and we'll get to Florida in no time!"

"Look, here comes the ocean water! We did it!"

As American as apple pie.

Testing the waters...

and being chased by the hairy lake monster!

Testing the waters...

and being thrown (way too high) by the hairy lake monster!

Later in the day, we headed to cousin Lea's house for more food and fun on the 4th! 
Gannon: "I feel like I've been smiling for the camera all day."
Isla: (through her teeth) "Get used to it, dude."

Gannon: "She's ready for her close-up, mom."

This is why I take a million pictures, Gannon. Someday you'll thank me. 

Who needs a big display when you've got these two little firecrackers?! Geovana and Isla make quite a pair!  

LL Cool G (Ladies Love Cool Gannon!)

And he loves these ladies! Kelsey, Jori and a water bottle provided many minutes of good belly laughs for Mr. Man.

Happy Birthday, America! We certainly enjoyed celebrating you today!

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