Monday, July 23, 2012


After the 4th, there was a break in the heat and humidity, so we decided it would be the perfect day for a get-together with Isla's boys for our summer trip to the LP Zoo. It seems every time we go, the weather is extreme, but we can't break with tradition!

This tiger was eager to greet us. Or eat us.

This picture was my fifth attempt at getting all the kiddos to turn and smile with the tiger in the background. Thanks for humoring me, Isla. You're grrrrrreat! Sorry, had to do it. 

Keaton practiced his tiger growl with Gannon – obviously more funny than fierce. 

Next stop: Chimpanzees. Isla and Kameron were picking up some moves for their next time on the monkey bars at the park.

Look, it's Paul's long lost Uncle! Or is Paul the monkey's Uncle?

Can they get any more cute together? 
Kameron is on a serious mission to find the crocodiles. He recruited Isla to help in this imperative search and scoffed at Paul's suggestion that they were on vacation in Florida. We covered most of the zoo and even went to the area on the zoo map with the crocodile icon thinking a crocodile exhibit was there. Nope.

At last, buried in the dark Reptile/Small Mammal House, we found 5 dwarf crocodiles hiding in and under some logs. Thank goodness! (I don't think Kameron has stopped talking about these things since we left here!)

"Daddy, maybe the crocodile icon was really a dinosaur? I'm so ready to see some of those!"

"Ha! They're definitely on vacation in Florida, Mr. Man!"

So happy to be at the zoo!

And so over Gannon pretending to growl like that tiger from earlier. 
"I should have just kept my noises to myself."

Time for the choo-choo! We think this is the most anticipated 4 minutes of the day. 

They are thrilled to be on this train ride! If you could've seen the expression on the female conductor's face, you'd know she felt the complete opposite.

What a fun day! We'll all be back for Zoo Lights come December. And I bet we'll be wishing for this warm weather to come back too!

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